GENIUS Gaming Arcade Stick Arcade F-1000, Standard 4-axis 13-button joypad, Supports TURBO function, Arcade style controller for PlayStation 3 and PC, Great for Fighting, Action, and Shooting games, 3M cable and 1M extension cable for flexible use. Gaming Arcade Stick The new gaming arcade sti … details

Tk. 3,300
MaxFire Blaze5 is the latest game pad from Genius and features 12 programmable action buttons for PC and PlayStation 3. MaxFire Blaze5 features the new XInput standard for games on Windows. Most of the latest released games that support gamepads use the XInput standard so you don’t have to configu … details

Tk. 1,700
Yes! You can also find a vibration feedback joystick in the MetalStrike Series as well! his joystick from Genius, MetalStrike Pro, gives you different levels of vibration feedback when flying your planes. In a black-polished design, imagine you are the captain of an airship in Star Wars, MetalStrik  … details

Tk. 3,000
Racing Wheel for PC, PS3 and Wii Games Trio Racer F1 is the latest racing wheel from Genius. The multi-platform design enables it to be compatible with PC, PS3, Wii and GameCube racing games. It has 11 built-in programming buttons that offer commonly used features in racing games such as horn, em … details

Tk. 4,800
Logitech F310 GAMEPAD ,  EXTENSIVE GAME SUPPORT Play hits and classics Play console ports with their native-style controller or adopt a more relaxed position while enjoying PC games. F310 is easy to set up and use with your favorite games thanks to XInput/DirectInput *—the two most c … details

Tk. 1,900
Logitech F710 WIRELESS GAMEPAD , 2.4 GHZ WIRELESS CONNECTION Plug and forget Cut the cord and enjoy the freedom—gaming without wires. Simply insert the nano-receiver into a USB port for fast, 2.4 GHz data transmission with virtually no delays, dropouts or interference. DUAL VIBRATION F … details

Tk. 4,500

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